Sell Prime Advertising Space in your App.

Image Ads

Video Ads

URL Links

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Monetise your app content by offering premium content.

Attract paying subscribers

Recurring source of income

Regularly update content

Subscribers can enjoy ad-free

Customise subscription plans

Cater to different user segments

Gain valuable insights

Securely handled by app stores

Attract users looking for value



Sell Sponsored Content in your Feed to advertisers.

Boost Revenue by selling Ads

Integrate Sponsored Posts

seamlessly into your content

Tag Sponsored Content

Match your App's Aesthetics.

Control Frequency & Placement

Direct Connection to your Users



Offer service providers dynamic listings to advertise.

Sell listing space to advertisers

Users easily contact advertisers

Customise listing categories

Improve user navigation

Descriptions and images

Showcase listings

Position listings

Maintain control over appearance

Create a comprehensive directory

Advertising space for businesses



Users get exclusive access to content from advertisers

Sell sponsored posts

Advertisers can share content

Promote products directly

Users enjoy exclusive access

Feature enticing, limited deals

Automatically enroll users

Users can engage with brands

Gain valuable insights

User interactions & engagement

Scale your app's monetisation


Chat Groups

Generate revenue through targeted interactions.

Advertisers can engage your user

Turn conversations into revenue

Advertisers can connect directly

Deliver relevant ads & offers

Ads reach user interests

More effective campaigns

Tailor chat group themes

Cohesive user experience

Nurture a dynamic community

Users can interact with brands

Add value & excitement


Quick Dial

Unlock new revenue streams with our Advertiser Quick Dial Spots.

Monetise Quick Dial Screen

Elevate advertiser visibility

Place brands directly on Dial

See ads with every interaction

Seamless user experience

Non-intrusive ads

Win-Win for all

Call with a Tap

User convenience - quick access



Generate revenue by monetising sponsored podcast placements.

Highlight sponsored podcasts prominently

Easily discover sponsors

Offer attractive sponsorship

Approach advertisers

Meet goals of advertisers,

Strategically place sponsors

Provide advertisers with exposure

Advertisers achieve objectives

Boost visibility for advertisers


Podcast Pre-Roll

Integrate sponsored audio ads at the beginning of your podcast.

Boost your podcast's earnings

Advertising partnerships

Monetising your content

Deliver well-produced ads

Captivate audience from start

Place audio ads that resonate

Offer targeted ad placements

Easily track ad performance

Unlock new revenue streams

Potential for a high ROI

Keep your content fresh

Seamless implementation


Livestream Pre - Roll

Feature sponsored audio ads at the start of your live stream.

Engage with compelling ads

Seamless integration

Transform stream into profit

Deliver relevant & engaging ads

Gain insights into preferences

As listeners grow, so does revenue

Tailor ads to align with audience

Generate consistent income

Diversify your income sources

Adds a professional touch



AdMob makes earning revenue easy with in-app ads.

One of the largest ad networks

Fill your ads from anywhere

Millions of advertisers

Native banner ads in your app

Automated tools

Easy to set up and integrate

Look & feel natural

Enjoy high fill rates

Control the type of ads

Get more from your app today


Audio Ads

We have integrated with a large programmatic audio marketplace.

Advanced dynamic ad insertion

Audio publishers effortlessly monetise

Dynamic insertion of targeted audio ads

Utilised by the world's biggest advertisers

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Rich data analytics for advertisers on their ad performance.

Impression tracking

Allow advertisers to monitor

Measure user engagement

Post Campagn Analysis

Assess effectiveness of ads

Campaign Reporting

User Profile analysis

Help advertisers better understand target audience

Tailor campaigns accordingly

Segment the audience data

Identify specific user groups that respond positively

Present data visually

Maintain transparency in data