​Elevate your listener engagement through our feature-rich mobile apps.



Embrace the simplicity and power of PAL’s podcasting functionality. Effortlessly connect with a broader audience through our easy-to-use app and website integration.

Real-Time Content Creation
Cloud Archival
Website Widget
Content Management
Rich Metadata Tagging
Cross-Platform Sharing


Go live and captivate your listeners like never before with a powerful live stream feature. 



Engage with your listeners directly through our dynamic messaging dashboard.

Feature rich - smashboard


Unlock new revenue streams. Monetise through in-app advertisements, premium content subscriptions, sponsorships, and more.

Billboard Prime Advertising Space
In App Subscriptions
Sponsored Content
Sponsored Channels & Chats
Many more...

Choose the Plan That's Right for Your Podcast

For Startups
$99 /m
  • Android App
    • Custom Branding
  • Link your Live Stream
    • Link Your Website
      • Link Your Social Media
For a growing digital audience
$249 /m
  • Lite Features
  • + iPhone App
    • + Live Stream with Us
      • + Dynamic Podcasting
        • + App Updates
For established community broadcasters
$499 /m
  • Growth Features
  • + Huawei App
    • + Unlimited Profile Fields
      • + 15 Chat Groups
        • + Immediate Feature Releases
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Frequently Asked Questions

pal offers podcasters a comprehensive platform for hosting, managing, and distributing their podcasts. Features include easy uploading, cloud archival, listener analytics, and options for monetizing content through in-app advertisements and subscriptions.

Yes, you can easily migrate your existing podcasts to pal. Our platform supports seamless integration and migration of your current episodes, ensuring a smooth transition for both you and your listeners.

Absolutely. pal provides interactive tools like messaging and feedback forms, allowing you to engage directly with your audience, gather their feedback, and foster a community around your podcast.

pal provides detailed analytics for your podcasts, including listener demographics, episode plays, download counts, and engagement metrics. These insights can help you understand your audience better and tailor your content to their preferences.

Yes, pal offers various monetization options such as in-app advertisements, premium content subscriptions, and sponsorship opportunities to help you generate revenue from your podcast.

pal offers different plans to cater to your needs, from beginner podcasters to those with a large number of episodes. Each plan has its own specifications regarding the number of podcasts you can host.

pal features an intuitive content management system that allows you to easily upload, organize, and schedule your podcast episodes. You can also tag and categorize your content for better discoverability.

While pal primarily hosts and streams your content within its ecosystem, it allows for easy sharing of your podcast links to other platforms to widen your reach.

We provide dedicated support to assist you with setup, technical issues, and guidance on best practices for podcasting. Our team is readily available to ensure your experience with pal is smooth and successful.

pal allows you to customize your podcast’s presence on the app, including visual branding elements like logos and color schemes, to ensure your podcast's branding is consistent and engaging.