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Step beyond the traditional and enter a world of enhanced listener engagement.

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With just a tap, step into the world of advanced radio broadcasting. Download our demo app and see the future of digital radio.

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Play Button = Audio Live Stream
Today Screen = Media Feed
Messages Screen = Conversations & Channels
News Screen = Web Links or RSS Feed
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Frequently Asked Questions

The demo app offers a realistic preview of the functionality and design you can expect from the final product depending on the package you sign up for. While the demo showcases a range of features and customisation options, the final product will be tailored specifically to your station’s unique branding, ensuring a more personalised and fine-tuned experience

Our platform offers extensive customisation options to ensure your app aligns with your station's brand identity. This includes custom logos, colour schemes, layout choices for the screens, feature selections based on plans, and more. You can personalise everything from the app's screens to the types of content you want to include.

To begin creating your personalised radio app, simply sign up on our website. Once you provide the necessary information and our specific requirements, our team will get to work on bringing your app to life. We pride ourselves on our efficient process – your app can be up and running, ready to broadcast live, within just 30 days of signing up. Start your journey towards a dynamic, engaging radio app today!

Absolutely! Our app is designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing content. We provide tools to help you import your current media, ensuring a smooth transition and a consistent listener experience.

We offer comprehensive support and training to ensure you are comfortable and proficient in using the app. This includes detailed user guides, training sessions, and responsive customer support for any queries or assistance you may need. Our goal is to ensure you have all the resources to effectively manage and utilise your app.

Our app is equipped with interactive features like live chat and surveys that allow you to engage with your listeners in real time. You can gather feedback, conduct surveys, and interact with your audience directly through the app, helping you build a stronger community around your station.