Expanding Horizons

Navigating Partnership Strategies
for Fabrik's Growth

Businesses thrive when they find the right avenues for collaboration and expansion. This serves as a guide to explore two pivotal approaches in our journey of growth for Fabrik:

As we delve into these strategies, we aim to provide valuable insights into their distinctions, advantages, and potential challenges. By doing so, we empower our leadership team with the knowledge to make strategic decisions that will propel Fabrik to new heights while delivering exceptional value to our clients.

Reseller Approach

A reseller approach involves partnering with external entities, often businesses or individuals, who purchase your SaaS product at a discounted rate and then resell it to end customers.

Resellers act as intermediaries between your company and the end-users, serving as an extension of your sales team.



Channel Partner Approach

A channel partner approach involves collaborating with various businesses, known as channel partners, to market, sell, and support our SaaS product.

These partnerships can encompass a range of services, including customisation, integration, training, and ongoing support.




Choosing the Right Approach

The choice should align with our business goals, target market, available resources, and customer needs.

Target Market/s
A channel partner approach is suitable for broad markets, while resellers may work better for specialised niches.
Customer Needs
Assess the types of services and support our customers require; if they need more than just the software, channel partners might be a better fit.
Resource Availability
Do we have the necessary resources to manage and support channel partners effectively.
Competitive Landscape
Consider our competitors' strategies and how we can differentiate our approach to meet customer demands effectively.

A hybrid approach, utilising both resellers and channel partners, can maximise market coverage and serve diverse customer needs.
The key is to align our partner strategy with our business objectives to achieve the best results.