Pilot programs can be a valuable way to demonstrate the benefits of a SaaS platform and build strong customer relationships.


To showcase the value and benefits of pal to potential customers by offering them a free trial period, gathering feedback, and creating successful use cases for marketing purposes.


The pilot program will run for 6 months.


Various Target Markets

Content Creators
Podcasters, Influencers, Vloggers
Print Titles
Newspapers, Magazines
Online Media
News Sites
Religious + Non-profit Organizations, Support Groups
Sport Clubs, Hobby Groups
Professional Associations, Educational Institutions

Program Benefits

Free Access

Participants will receive free access to the pal platform during the pilot program.

Dedicated Support

Participants will have access to dedicated customer support to assist with setup and usage.

Feedback Sessions

Regular feedback sessions will be scheduled to gather insights, suggestions, and improvement ideas.

Marketing & Promotion

Data Collection & Analysis

Program Evaluation


Requirements for candidates participating.

Active Digital Presence
  • An operational website with regular updates.
  • An active YouTube channel for video content creators, with consistent uploads.
  • A series of podcasts hosted on their website or a recognized platform, for podcasters.
  • Active social media accounts on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.
Content Quality & Consistency
  • A history of producing high-quality, diverse content appropriate for their target audience.
  • Regular content updates and engagement with their audience.
Openness to Publicity
Willingness to be featured in promotional materials and case studies related to the pilot program.
Technical Infrastructure & Proficiency
  • Reliable internet access.
  • The necessary hardware (computers, smartphones, microphones, etc.).
  • Basic technical proficiency for digital content management.
  • Understanding of data analytics.
Commitment to Feedback and Program Duration
  • Willingness to actively participate in feedback sessions throughout the 6-month program duration.
  • Collaboration with the pal team for possible customization and improvements.
Audience Engagement and Size
A minimum number followers/subscribers on their primary content or platform that would be consider medium sized..

These requirements are designed to ensure a diverse, engaged, and capable group of participants who can not only benefit from the pilot program but also provide valuable insights and contribute to the development and marketing strategies of the pal platform.