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Izwi Lomzansi, a community radio station in Durban, South Africa, embarked on a digital transformation journey, birthing the Izwi98FM mobile app. This app, launched in March 2018, seeks to bridge the digital divide by offering live-streaming, podcasts, news, and chats to the local community. Its launch enhances accessibility to educational and entertainment content, embodying a blend of traditional radio and digital innovation. This case study unfolds the challenges, solutions, and results of this digital endeavor.




Izwi Lomzansi

Use Case:



Mobile App, Streaming, Pocasting, Chat

Izwi Case Study

01. Challenge

The digital age pressured Izwi Lomzansi to extend its reach beyond traditional radio. The challenge lay in engaging a broader audience while retaining its community-centric ethos. Additionally, the need for a platform to offer real-time information and interactive features was evident. The quest for digital transformation began against this backdrop.

02. Solution

Izwi CS 3

The PAL platform emerged as the conduit for digital engagement. Through the app, live-streaming, podcasts, news, and interactive chats became accessible at the touch of a button. This digital platform mirrored the community-centric approach of Izwi Lomzansi, now in a digital realm.

The implementation of the PAL PAL platform and Izwi98FM mobile app marked a significant milestone in Izwi Lomzansi’s digital transformation journey.

03. Results

The Izwi98FM app has seen a steady user base since its launch, with stellar ratings on app stores. It reflects a successful blend of traditional radio ethos with digital innovation. The broader reach and enriched user engagement have fortified Izwi Lomzansi’s community presence both locally and globally.

Izwi Lomzansi’s digital stride underscores the transformative power of the PAL platform for community radio stations. The Izwi98FM app is more than a digital extension; it’s a community hub, bringing people together through the airwaves and digital channels. The journey reflects a successful model for community-based digital transformation.