Smile 90.4FM, a Cape Town-based radio station, became a beacon of trust and reliability during the global COVID-19 pandemic. With a mission to “amplify the good news,” they rose to the challenge of providing their community with accurate information in a sea of misinformation.




Smile 90.4FM

Use Case:



Mobile App, Channels

01. Challenge

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic’s surge in misinformation, Smile 90.4FM faced the daunting task of providing their community with reliable news and hope.

02. Solution

Smile 90.4FM leveraged PAL suite of software applications, including their mobile app, to offer a multi-channel approach:

Empowered by the PAL suite, Smile 90.4FM successfully united its community through trusted information, real-time updates, and heartfelt engagement.

03. Results

The impact of Smile 90.4FM’s unwavering commitment to their community was profound and tangible.

This case study highlights how Smile 90.4FM successfully provided accurate information and maintained audience engagement during a challenging period of uncertainty.